Beautiful homeware inspired by Africa.

Kumusha Homeware is a small UK-based company solely focused on designing beautiful, ethical, and sustainable homeware inspired by Africa. Our first range, a collection of luxury scented candles, was launched in June 2020.

High-Quality. This is more important to us than quantity. We want every detail to be right, from the finest raw materials to the most beautiful packaging. We also work hard to ensure our products are ethically-sourced, have a low carbon footprint, use recycled, recyclable and organic raw materials wherever possible, and avoid single use plastics.

Bespoke. All our products are bespoke. We create initial product designs in-house and then work with the best independent producers and suppliers to bring it to life. As a result, our range is small and we only release new products when we are absolutely confident that you will love them.

Inspired by Africa. Our founder was born and raised in Africa and is deeply passionate about the continent. Few places capture your imagination like Africa, from the diverse colours and cultures of urban art, to the sights, sounds, and tranquillity of the wild savanna. We hope to share some of that magic through our products.